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    Stand With Her: A Unique Opportunity to Stand with Israeli Women Entrepreneurs

    In the midst of the war, Israeli women entrepreneurs stand resilient but at risk, striving to keep their families and dreams afloat without stable incomes. Their businesses are not just at stake; they are the heartbeat of their households. Your participation can change that story.

    Join us on November 16 at 7:30 pm to hear from Chaya Rosenzwig, owner of C&A INVESTMENT and founder of Mpower, about an initiative that goes beyond giving. It's a partnership that brings you face-to-face with resilience and aspiration. Our "Adopt a Sister Business" program isn't just about financial support; it's about personal interaction, about rolling up your sleeves and working alongside these courageous women to protect their families and to rebuild their futures.

    Whether you’re a business owner or an individual eager to contribute, you'll have the unique chance to meet, mentor, and perhaps even find unexpected opportunities for collaboration with the very people you’re supporting.

    Save the date. Bridge distances. Make a hands-on difference.
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    Come be part of a life-changing journey where business meets humanity, and support turns into partnership.

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  • About Chaya:

    Chaya Rosenzweig is a U.S.-based real estate entrepreneur and founder of C&M INVESTMENT. Originating from Israel, her company has developed thousands of units in Texas and Tennessee, and boasts a workforce of over 150 employees. Additionally, she established M-Power, a non-profit dedicated to providing financial and mental support to women.

    Chaya arrived in the United States nine years ago with no capital, knowledge, or support, only with a dream to succeed and develop. She paved an amazing path for herself through inner, conscious work and overcame many obstacles and challenges until she reached the place she dreamed of - dedicating her time to supporting women, mothers, and giving courage and tools for personal and business growth.

    When the war broke out, she knew she would not sit and wait for things to pass, but would look for ways to truly help and uplift businesses and women and help them get through this tough challenge.

    "Life is so fragile and such security would bring peace. Therefore, we all need to unite for this special cause to support businesswomen in the country that is currently at war. These are strong women who have worked hard and want to continue to succeed, to provide for families and realize their dreams; they just need short-term support to continue to soar high and triumph."

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