Synagogue Service 


Our synagogue is a home for anyone looking for a warm and spiritual place to grow in their Judaism.

   At Chabad BPC, everybody's welcome! 

             The services are traditional, and are conducted in a joyous and spirited atmosphere. Children are most welcome and we also have a great kids program so they stay engaged and have a great experience.

  Regardless of affiliation, everyone feels at home!

Song and commentary add meaning and an engaging sermon or class by the Rabbi is an integral part of the service. 

In addition to our regular and ongoing Synagogue services, we also hold services on all Jewish holidays.

 An important part of our community is the traditional meal (Kiddush) that follows Shabbat and Holiday services, where friendships are created and nurtured and where we celebrate each other's happy occasions. 

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    We hope to see YOU at Synagogue Services!


 Shabbat Services 

Shabbat  Melodies

    Learn some of the basic songs and prayers of the Shabbat and Holiday services, so you can join and sing along with the congregation.

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