Do you need a Mezuzah?

Whether you're interested in getting a mezuzah or have just moved into a new home and need help to affix the mezuzah, we would be more than happy to help you.

Please read the information below and contact us to arrange a time.

Obtaining Kosher Mezuzahs
Because mezuzahs must be made according to very exact laws and specifications, only an expert can determine if a mezuzah is kosher.
Some basics: The mezuzah must be hand-written by a competent scribe on specially prepared parchment with the specific types of quill and ink mandated by tradition.  All too often, printed or improperly prepared mezuzahs—or even empty mezuzah cases—are found.

Regular Check-Ups
The mezuzah is a holy object that must be properly maintained to retain its holiness.
At least twice in seven years, we take down our mezuzahs and have them professionally checked to ascertain that they are intact. The scribe examines the scrolls to ensure that no letters have been cracked or erased and that the mezuzah is still kosher.
Our vigilance keeps our mezuzahs performing their function: bringing holiness, protection and merit throughout our home. 

If you need help with getting or checking your mezuzahs.
please call chabad at 646.770.3636